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Cozzarolo family
Since the early 1900s, the Cozzarolo family has been synonymous with excellence in the Friulian wine sector. Cozzarolo wines are the result of years of experience and tradition.
The winemakers have always been committed to promoting a culture that is attentive to environmental protection, both in the activities and in the internal management of the company, by encouraging responsible behavior. With devotion, they follow and carry out directly all the works in the vineyard and in the winery awarded that a great wine is made from a great grapes only, looked after day by day.
The winemakers obtain both wines from indigenous vines, which have been cultivated since time immemorial, as well as other varieties from different European areas, which here are well adapted. The range of wines significantly represents the indigenous grape varieties and the terroir of their area strongly suited to viticulture, drawn from the rows on the gentle hills.
Maturation of wine
Maceration 7 days, maturation 2-3 years in wooden casks and bottled after that.
Bouquet and aroma
Winemakers offers wide range of wines, such as Friulano, which has floral fruity bouquet with notes reminiscent of bitter almonds. It’s excellent aperitif wine, also suitable for serving with fresh cheese and raw ham as well as sophisticated entrées and white meat.
Or Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso with intense, winey bouquet, with notes reminiscent of wild blackberries, wild fruits and wild herbs, the perfect company for wine for fatty meat and game.
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